Zene Botanicals is a botanical skincare and haircare brand located in South Florida, formulated and developed by our founder Lanae Johnson.
Our founder was always obsessed with creating D.I.Y formulations using oils and herbs to alleviate the skin conditions and imperfections that she had, plus regrow her hair after a big chop. Overtime she establish the knowledge on how to use different herbs and flowers for several remedies, which eventually diminish her skin and hair conditions. Based off her experience, this was the true start to Zene Botanicals.
We believe in the strength of using plant-derived ingredients to create 100% natural products that is harm-free, toxic-free, and eco-friendly. All of our products are handmade and goes through a cold herbal oil infusion process for several weeks, to ensure that every herb and flower used activates in our oils. With the additional herbal benefits created for your skin and hair, our products is the perfect way to start a raw organic approach to your new self-care routine.